Cape Town born photographer, Pierre van der Spuy, works and plays at the southern tip of Africa. Based in the coastal village of Simon’s Town, he explores the mountain peaks with his Australian Cattle Dog, Hunter. On occasion he takes flight to countries around the globe to photograph yachts, islands and iguanas.His natural affinity for seeking adventure and physical challenges has taken him to the heart of Africa, the jungles of Borneo and the islands of the Caribbean. Together with expedition partner, Ravi Gajjar, the team became the first people to circumnavigate Lake Malawi in kayaks – an epic journey of 101 days covering a distance of 1300km. In 2010 he lived in the Caribbean, photographing luxury yachts and international regattas.

Starting his professional photographic career in the extreme sports arena, he has been commissioned to profile athletes for commercial brands and media. Equally comfortable outdoors and in studio environments, he strives to capture split seconds that elude the human eye in order to narrate the essence of motion and balance.

The downhill skateboarding culture has captivated his eye since photographing the first race five years ago and he is now the official SAGRA (South African Gravity Racing Association) photographer.

He has worked on scientific research projects for the Cape Leopard Trust and Black Eagle Project, documenting their work for media exposure. Recent work with WWF initiative My False Bay captures the essence of the people who live along its iconic shores in a collection of portraits. Animal and human portraits, both artistic and documentary style, form part of his ever-evolving portfolio. Collaborating with friend and fellow photographer, Peter-John Freeman, a body of work consisting of animal portraits, is in the making.

As an adventurer and explorer, he is always eager to accept and be involved in projects that remove him from the creature comforts of modern life to document the less trampled corners of the globe . If you are looking for an expedition photographer who can cook a curry and carry his weight, then don't hesitate to make contact.